I must warn you, this article is going to contain graphic depictions of alleged war crimes. I do not enjoy doing this, but I do believe this story has to be told.

Yesterday Azerbaijani social media outlets started circulating two videos “to boost morale”. Later MOD of Azerbaijan dismissed those…

“A playlist for your moods”, so called

Looks like IGG has quit pretending it’s not just a website hosting pseudo-scientific scams. I looked for a button to report the Hapbee campaign as scam — there was none to be found.

It’s pretty anti-consumer, and I hope — illegal in at least some jurisdictions.

So what’s Hapbee? I…

The polio years

An “Infantile Paralysis” warning poster on a house wall. © March of Dimes

In 1916, there were 27.000 registered cases of polio and 6.000 polio deaths only in the United States. When a member of a family was infected, the family was quarantined, and special signs were posted on their doors to warn people that there was a sick person in the house…

Bayandur Poghosyan

Writer and columnist based in Yerevan, Armenia

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